I never thought I’d hear me say …

I never thought I’d hear me say …

This morning the mini Birksy that is Emelia had a toddler tantrum. Why? Our Amazon Echo didn’t understand her request to play ‘wheels on the bus’. Once her tears had dried and we’d settled down to watch Peppa Pig (again!), it got me thinking …. what else do I say today that wouldn’t have made any sense 10 years ago? Here are my top 10 …


Alexa, play ‘wheels on the bus’

Usually followed by “Alexa, turn volume down by 20%”.


I’ll just connect you to my hotspot

When setting up YouTube Kids on the ipad for a long journey.


Don’t forget to pack the chargers

When travelling anywhere.


I walked 10,001 steps today

Not said as often as I’d like anymore.


One tea please and what’s your wifi password?

Tea breaks are nothing without a good scroll.


Ahhh, my metabolic age is still 37

Said many times since investing in some smart scales.


Shall we just call an Uber?

Not said as much now that we are in North Wales.


Let’s just Google it

Said most often when trying to help my dad with the crossword.


I’ll WhatsApp you the pictures later

Following any social event – in particular playgroups!


What’s your handle, I’ll follow you

When written down this sounds so creepy.


Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash.


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