10 Instagram accounts to help you see the future

10 Instagram accounts to help you see the future

If, like me, pictures grab your attention more than words but you’re unsure who to follow in the Instaverse…then this post is for you! Here are my favourite Instagram accounts that help me step into the future and inspire me to write.

Happy scrolling.

1. @futurism – The science and technology that will shape the future of humanity.

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My favourite account to scroll through on a daily basis. Futurism covers everything from the next age of energy to the rise of machine intelligence. It has something for everyone. If a post catches my eye I’ll click through to their website (https://futurism.com/) to find out more. Once on their site you’ll also find lots of neat infographics.

2. @wireduk – The future, one frame at a time.

Images by Christoffer Rudquist (left) and Jean-Baptiste Béranger (right) via WiredUK

I’ve had a subscription to the magazine WIRED (UK edition) for a fair few years. WIRED content explores the next big ideas and introduces you to the people reshaping our world. Their Instagram account mostly previews the latest articles, so I use it to focus my reading (which I prefer to read in print but you can also check them out on http://www.wired.co.uk/).

3. @techcrunch – We cover the pulse of the tech industry.

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TechCrunch mainly helps me stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets and their ‘TC News’ videos give my thumbs some respite from scrolling – simples.

4. @curiositydotcom – Get smarter every day.

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I just love the randomness of the ‘facts’ posted by the Curiosity account and usually find that they trigger an idea for a new blog post. The ‘brilliant products’ section on their website (https://curiosity.com/) is also a pretty nifty source of inspiration.

5. @tech_insider – We’re your source for the most interesting tech and innovation content in the world.

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An offshoot of Business Insider (http://uk.businessinsider.com/), I find this account to be a nice mix of industry updates, innovations and quotes from tech leaders.

6. @nowthisfuture – The best of tech and science innovation, shaping our future.

Image source (left) (top right) (bottom right) via @nowthisfuture

A sister account to nowthisnews. All posts are short videos and although the content is less polished than the likes of Futurism it does tend to add something different.

7. @insiderscience – The place for all things science-related.

Image source (left) and (right) via @insiderscience

The video posts on this account are varied to say the least. One minute you could be learning how to grow a tree from human remains (it’s true!) and the next about hair dye that changes colour in the heat (somewhat less extreme).

8. @worldeconomicforum – How can we make the world a better place?

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I love the thought-provoking questions that the WEF Instagram account poses and the discussions that follow. What I also like about this account is that the news is global, unlike other accounts that tend to focus on happenings in the Golden State.

9. @ted – Ideas worth spreading.

Images by Marla Aufmuth (left), Tal Danino (middle), and Anja Javelona (right) via TED Talks

I started to download TED talks (via their app) as a way of passing the time on my commute into the city. Each talk is a max. of 18 minutes and past speakers have included the likes of Bill Gates to the Google founders. I follow the TED Instagram account for updates on the latest talks, which they usually summarise via a weekly story.

10. @technologyreview – Our mission is to equip our audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.

Images by David Brandon Geeting (left and top right), and Keith Rankin (bottom right) via MIT Technology Review

Similar story to WIRED here. I follow the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review Instagram account to see what’s in their next magazine issue. Plus, I like their illustrations and animations – they add a bit of colour to my feed.

As an aside – you can get access to some MIT courses for free via https://www.edx.org/school/mitx.


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