Heading into 2018 like….#ACTION

Heading into 2018 like….#ACTION

As 31st December approaches, I’ve been reflecting on the resolutions that I made the year before…and failed to keep. Question – does anyone actually drink 2 litres of water a day?! I thought not!

SO, this coming year I thought I’d take a different approach. I may lack prowess in the willpower department but I do excel at making a ‘to-do-list’ and getting things done. With that in mind, instead of focussing on ‘resolve’ in 2018 I’m going to focus on ‘action’. As they say….”actions speak louder than words” and all that jazz.

Here goes it…….my 2018 to-do list for all things Birksy…..


2018 Birksy Actions

 Write and deliver a ‘Future Careers’ talk to at least 12 schools / colleges

 Create a ‘Future Careers’ video to distribute to schools / colleges

 Design and deliver a ‘Future Careers’ workshop in collaboration with my big bro and his Crumble

 Research, prototype and test the ‘Future Careers’ app idea (more on this to come soon)

 Find and build a network of people with a similar mission to Birksy

 Draft an outline for (and start writing!) the ‘own it‘ series book

 Teach myself the basics of coding – starting with Scratch and Python

 Complete an online course in digital marketing

 Develop a system to track and (finally) take control of my Health

 Find a new job to help fund all of the above – ahhh, I know!

 Last but not least…..write at least 20 new Birksy posts (all ideas welcome)


Yikes….that’s quite a lot! Plus I’m sure I’ll add a few more as the year progresses. It’s going to be a busy one me thinks. On that note, I think it’s time to close the laptop, grab a glass and enjoy what’s left of 2017!

Have a fab night all and see you next year!


P.S. I’ve used ‘Future Careers’ as shorthand for all things related to the future world of ‘work’ – from new industries and jobs to the new ways of working and skills that you may need.